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Ferozi Kashan Silk Round Carpet

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Fabric Silk
Knottage 18*18
Size 6 x 6 feet
Design Kashan
Time To Make 5-7 Days
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A gorgeous round carpet handwoven in the traditional way of carpet making is our hand pick for the lovely you. The summer favorite shade of blue, turquoise or ferozi as is known locally, comes as a base in this beautiful hand-woven carpet in the Kashan design, a beautiful floral vine spread across the carpet area. By Silk on Cotton is meant that weft used is a Silk thread and the warp used in this carpet is cotton threads, the famous mulberry Silk that is sourced from the different regions of Kashmir. Complimenting colors add to its charm and make it a perfect accessory for your living space. About the Craft   Carpet making in Kashmir is pure art and the quality depends upon the number of knots used in its making. The process of wrapping yarn around the warp to form a pile is known as knotting. A hand-knotted carpet is made purely by hand using either wool or Silk or a blend of both. Kashmir Carpet making is also unique in the sense that every single carpet is woven based on a design visualized by a designer and its corresponding Talim; a coded script consisting of precise instructions to be strictly followed by the weaver while weaving the carpet. This coded script is a weaver’s technical language. The practice of Talim is a unique method of manufacturing carpets and is distinct to the Kashmir region.

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1 review for Ferozi Kashan Silk Round Carpet

  1. praknill00

    It’s beautiful ❤️ Product. My Guste room looks likes beautiful & 😎

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